A Giant Dog: “Cleveland Steven”

How’s your mid-week going? Are you dragging a little? If you are, then there’s no better cure for it than a big bite from A Giant Dog.

The quintet’s been proudly blurring the lines between power-pop, punk ‘n’ garage rock since 2008. Early last year we featured the song “Anyway” which appeared on their 2010 EP Trashcan USA, and on their very cool 2012 full-length Fight. This Friday at Hotel Vegas, A Giant Dog’ll be releasing a brand new (appropriately titled) full-length album named Bone. The record’s got all the leather-jacketed swagger of The Ramones, with the same ear for hooky, sticky-sweet pop (and throw in some last-call debauchery for good measure).

One of the tunes to come blasting forth from Bone is today’s song of the day “Cleveland Steven.” It’s a thick slice of punk, with just a soupçon of rock opera panache. For some extra flavor, check out A Giant Dog’s video of the tune (It’s safe for work, although you might get the stink-eye from that lady in accounting with all those Cathy cartoons pinned in her cube). How’s your humpday now?

Frontwoman Sabrina Ellis’ll be working overtime this week. In addition to A Giant Dog’s release show friday at Hotel Vegas, her other band Bobby Jealousy also has a new record out this week, which they’ll be celebrating with a show at Red 7 (and a little ol’ performance in our own Studio 1A).

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