A. Sinclair: “Shiny Things”

A few months, ago, longtime Austin outfit Frank Smith split up without much in the way of fanfare. This is a pretty typical way to go out: fans had come to know the band as a hard-working one, but not showy about it. Over the course of a decade, Frank Smith had amassed a discography of nine albums, five being done here in Austin after moving from Boston.

The one constant in this whirlwind of activity? Frontman Aaron Sinclair, who now steps back into the spotlight with his solo debut, Pretty Girls, out May 20. Going under the moniker A. Sinclair, the songwriter continues his hard-edged evolution while backed by many of his old band members. Frank Smith’s sound kept getting more jagged and less country with each new release, and Sinclair embraces this break to firmly establish himself in the “rock” camp. But even with the increased volume on Pretty Girls, he makes sure to balance it with pop prowess. “Shiny Things” stomps with abandon while psychedelic textures color the edges–a new look, but it fits just the same.

Catch A. Sinclair live in Studio 1A on Monday, May 19 at 2p. The band celebrates the album release at the Mohawk on May 22.

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