Acid Arab: “Malek Ya Zahri” (feat. Cheikha Hadjla)

Though the group calls Paris their home, you may guess based on the name alone that electronic crew Acid Arab takes quite a few cues from the world of Eastern music alongside the retro tones of early acid house. Ever determined to carve a niche for Arab culture in the modern electronic realm, Acid Arab refuses to simply slap oriental cues on top of techno-inspired beats or haphazardly toss a drum break behind Eastern melodies, and instead finds a fluid middle ground that effuses the best of both styles simultaneously and organically.

In the shot time since the release of their 2016 debut, Acid Arab has already brought the dance party to nearly fifty countries, and drawing from the Arabic word for “new”, they just released the eleven-track LP Jdid last Friday. Even for those already familiar with Acid Arab’s style, the nine separate features on Jdid show off just how inclusive they continue to be. Take for example, Jdid‘s final track, inspired by the sounds of the ’80s Algerian scene and featuring singer Cheikha Hadjla, “Malek Ya Zahri”!

Jack Anderson

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