Alan Moe Monsarrat: “Turn The Tide”

As founder of Texas’ first reggae band The Lotions and frontman of Austin’s premiere reggae outfit Mau-Mau Chaplains, it’s safe to say that  Alan Moe Monsarrat‘s lead a pretty IRIE life. And in light of all the heavy lifting Monsarrat’s been doing over the course of several decades and half a thousand shows, this Caribbean-style creator has just released his first solo album in a half century.

Last Friday Monsarrat graced us with Agriculture, an introspective ten-track paired with a delayed-out dub doppelgänger, perfect for the more psychedelic-inclined listeners. And with the excitement of election finally coming to a close you can just kick back and enjoy the growth with Agriculture, planting the seed now with “Turn The Tide”!

Turn The Tide

Alan Moe Monsarrat

Jack Anderson

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