All Dogs: “Farm”

Photo by Dave Ensinger

The twenty-first century is a pretty wondrous place. Musical discovery, REAL musical discovery, has never been quite so easy. Some say that without the hunt, you lose some of the magic, the anima, of discovery. There’s a little bit of truth in that, and there are some definite downsides to the digital age (audiophiles, for example, can most assuredly attest to that). But there are bright spots. It’s probably easier than ever for a band to put their name out there, and without the twenty-first century, we probably would never to be able to find, let alone bring you, a great tune from a D.I.Y.-minded three-piece out of Columbus, Ohio called All Dogs.

Thanks to networks of enterprising bloggers and sites like Bandcamp, Facebook, and Pitchfork, we probably wouldn’t be able to share with you today’s song of the day “Farm,” the lead track from a cassette they split with another Columbus band called Slouch. “Farm” is a builder. It begins sweetly, a single guitar and voice. The drums start to roll in before the guitars crash and kerrang into full-on 80s/90s college-rock mode. The yin-and-yang of sweet ‘n’ heavy underground rock finds them in good company over at Salinas Records (where they’ll join recent Song of the Day alum Radiator Hospital). The imprint is set to release an upcoming 7″ from the band. That’s another beautiful, quirky thing about the 21st Century. You can use 1s and 0s to help get your magnetic tape and vinyl out there.


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