Amason: “Älgen”

Photo by Tobias Centerwall

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Without any songs or even an idea for their sound, Amason booked a tour. In those do-or-die circumstances, the Swedish band came together and established its own identity. Cobbled together from disparate parts–members come from Dungen, Miike Snow, and Idiot Wind–Amason first debuted with a self-titled EP in 2013. After a few more years of tinkering, they finally released their first LP, Sky City, earlier this year.

Amason’s influences feel familiar, taking folk, pop, and psychedelia and putting them all in a blender. But the group arrives at a different endpoint than most bands, allowing their songs to unfold in surprising ways. “Älgen” opens the record with a motorik groove that gives way to Amanda Bergman’s soaring vocals. It’s the sound of a range of parts coming together for a spectacular whole. Download “Älgen” below and catch Amason at SXSW 2015.

–Art Levy

Friday, March 20: Home Slice Pizza, 3:20 p.m. (free)

Friday, March 20: Cedar Street Courtyard, 11 a.m. (free, RSVP here)

Saturday, March 21: Central Presbyterian Church, 12 a.m. (official showcase)

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