Annabelle Chairlegs: “Brainfreeze” (Live in Studio 1A)

Austin’s Annabelle Chairlegs live in a microdose of psychedelia. A cyclone of energy, these guys aren’t out to break down the walls of psych rock, they’re just trying to break down your living room walls. Vocalist and chief songwriter Lindsey Mackin’s surreal set of pipes can whip and growl in a single breath that bites like Janis and floats like Debbie Harry. Wrapped-up in wailing guitars and a head-bumping bassline, it’s not the brainfreeze you need to worry about, it’s the spins.

Find the Studio 1A version of “Brainfreeze”  below.

–Taylor Wallace // host, Saturday 2-6 p.m., producer, Eklektikos and SoundCheck

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