Austin’s Bayonne (real name: Roger Sellers) has been largely dormant around town for the last few years, breadcrumbing us with a song here, a remix there, and, occasionally, a performance. But he hasn’t been sitting in a damp, dark bedroom somewhere, ensnared in the vines of synth cables and losing himself in a timeless vortex. Sellers has been on the road, peddling his brand of classic-pop-inspired electronic indie across the Western hemisphere and gaining impressive followings everywhere from New York and LA to London and Luxembourg. Following 2016’s Primitives is Drastic Measures, a study in layers, looping, layers, and looping, producing a sound as expansive as it is dense. True to form, Drastic Measures sounds as appropriate playing to crowds of thousands as it does playing in the background of your cool, older cousin’s dinner party. So what are you waiting for? Check out the video for “Drastic Measures” below and hop in the time machine for a look at Bayonne’s last performance in Studio 1A.


Bayonne Dates:
-Feb. 14: Live in Studio 1A at 3 PM with Laurie Gallardo
– Feb. 15: Drastic Measures album release show at Mohawk Indoors
– Feb. 22: Drastic Measures is out on Mom + Pop Records


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