Bill Baird: “Strigidae”

A decade and a half into his extensive multi-media mania, Bill Baird still impresses listeners just as much as he weirds them out. Currently calling Oakland his home but with deep roots in Austin and San Antonio, Baird has created renowned installations in both California and Texas, was a key member of SOUND Team and once went under the moniker Sunset.

Now writing and releasing under his own name, Baird has earned international praise for his vast discography, with records that push the sonic envelope of psychedelia and veer into the realm of experimentation. Baird’s latest endeavor combines his bold songwriting with viscous soundscapes and a live installation to create the album Owl and its visual counterpart The CubeOwl came out late last year and today you can officially purchase it on vinyl! If you’re not sold on the analog quite yet, maybe the modular midpoint from Owl will do the trick. Here’s “Strigidae”!

Jack Anderson

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