BLK ODYSSY: “Hang Low” (KUTX Live)

The name BLK ODYSSY might seem a bit grandiose on first glance, but a quick listen to their recent material justifies the epic magnificence of their sound. While D’Angelo & The Vanguard maintains a naming convention that touts their frontman’s saga, singer Sam Houston has graciously allowed his own name to go by the wayside as the “feature” of BLK ODYSSY and allowed his breathtaking vocals (almost reminiscent of post-Impressions Curtis Mayfield) to mesh effortlessly within a more traditional “band” framework.

Nonetheless, our August 2021 Artist of the Month‘s new record BLK Vintage could definitely make for a good pairing with Black Messiah, offering up a slick mix of modern jazz-psych-soul and seductive funk-R&B. You can catch BLK ODYSSY’s My KUTX session tomorrow night at 6PM and enjoy the grainy visuals of a three-song set below, taped just for KUTX at 512 Studios. The intimate performance (complete with a scarf-wrapped mic stand and plenty of stank face) opens with a previously unheard demo (“Gangster of Love” – that already packs a ton of potential) and KUTX rotation favorite “Funkentology”, but with Texas summer keeping the sun high and the heat in close company, the belle of the ball may just be “Hang Low”.

NPR LIVE SESSIONS/KUTX – KUTX August 2021 Artist of the Month BLK ODYSSY // Musicians: Sam Houston, Vocals; Matt Weatherly, Bass; Alejandro Rios, Guitar; Matt Muheling, Guitar; Adam Jackson, Drums
Cameras and Edit: Rashad White, Audio Engineer: Rich Baur // Filmed at 512 Studios // Set List: 1. “Gangster of Love”, 2. “Funkentology”, 3. “Hang Low”

Hang Low


Jack Anderson

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