BluMoon: “Melt Away”

How should I begin to describe, BluMoon, a musical trio from San Marcos? For starters, I would say alternative Jazz, but that’s not quite right. Their unique sound is a fusion of funk, jazz, & soul. Kendra Sells gives us chilling vocals with Andrew Harkey on bass and Isaac Pulido on drums. BluMoon’s 2019 release, Slow Burn, is a fluid album where the sound seems to melt into the next track. The group will bring their music to the Austin documentary series Fembeat’s Birthday Fundraiser, supporting Fembeat’s mission to provide a platform to different self-identifying women and non-binary folx. Good music and a good cause…it doesn’t get any better than that. To give you a taste of the good vibes Blumoon is going to provide let’s take a listen to your KUTX song of the day, “Melt Away.”


-Simone Puglia/KUTX Intern

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