Blushing: “Bound” (Live in Studio 1A)

Despite being made-up of two married couples, the controls of the Blushing machine are (wo)manned by the wives. Kicking it back to 2015, Christina Carmona had a written a number of songs she knew were ready to be brought to life, but she needed a band and more immediately, a singer. Turning to friend Michelle Soto, the two formed a band and began the quest to fill out the instrumentation, which they ended-up finding perfectly in the men who introduced them–their spouses, longtime friends Jake and Noe. Together they recorded Christina’s songs and released their debut EP in 2017. Now, their follow-up EP Weak is much more collaborative, a reflection of time writing and playing together with the people you’re most intimate with.

“Bound” epitomizes the Blushing brand. A dream-pop wind-tunnel that has plenty of drive and momentum, but takes pockets of time to slow down and let the layers air out and feel their way around each other, all with Soto’s lofty vocals serving as the eye of the tunnel. Waxing and waining between the soft pockets are fuzzy storm clouds of layers and layers of shoegazey-tastiness.

“Bound” appears on the EP Weak, out now via Austin Town Hall Records. Check out the rest of Blushing’s Studio 1A here.

-Taylor Wallace// Host, Thursdays 8p-11p & Saturdays 2p-6p; Producer, Eklektikos with John Aielli

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