Bobby Jealousy: “Shipwrecked”

Photo by John Anderson

Austin’s Bobby Jealousy is just one of those bands that’ll leave your mouth agape. It could be their big, power-pop assault, powerhouse frontwoman Sabrina Ellis’s major-league pipes, or their bittersweet tunes about the hills and valleys of life and love (from the ecstatic bits to the down-and-dirty ones). Whether you’re seein’ ’em live, listening through your headphones or blasting them through your speakers (which you should totally try, by the way), they’re one of those bands that’ll stop you in your tracks.

The band is led by Ellis and her partner in music and matrimony Seth Gibbs. Both are pretty busy folks. Ellis also fronts the very cool garage-punk act A Giant Dog, and Gibbs is a producer/engineer at his very own studio Superpop Records where Bobby Jealousy recorded their 2012 debut full-length A Little Death (for you francophiles, you’ll notice the not-so-subtle nod to the phrase la petite mort). The band’s gone through some lineup changes since forming, but they’ve settled into a quintet featuring Ellis on vocals, Gibbs on bass and vocals, drummer Adam Harlow, Brian Patterson on lead guitar and vocals, and Seth Stanford on rhythm guitar.

A month from today (a very appropriate Valentine’s Day), Bobby Jealousy will celebrate the release of their sophomore record The Importance of Being Jealous at Red 7. Some select fans got a sneak peek of the new album in the form of a four-track EP featuring tunes from the new album, and we happen to have one of ’em for you right here. “Shipwrecked” really has everything you could ask for from a pop tune, a razor-sharp guitar hook, harmonies, strings, and a sing-along break-down full of plenty of “ohs.” It’s a grand song, but it’s most definitely still rock ‘n’ roll, and it’ll leave you in awe of everything Bobby Jealousy.

The band will also be releasing a very special Valentine’s Day record at their February 14 show at Red 7 full of songs written by Ellis and Gibbs based on interviews with fans. But you don’t have to wait a month to catch Bobby Jealousy live. They’re playing tonight at Hotel Vegas, and, trust me, you shouldn’t miss it.

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