Calliope Musicals: “Color/Sweat”

If you’re on the hunt for some hard-partying glammed-out motherfunkers, then Calliope Musicals is the group for you. And though Austin’s reputation for being weird certainly precedes the Calliope crew, these wackos will continue to blow you away with their caliber of electric eccentricity and onstage antics. But that’s not to say Calliope Musicals isn’t without sincerity or candor, especially considering their latest album was born from frontwoman Carrie Fussell’s post-2016 election commentaries and observations.

The funnest bits of Calliope’s favorite genres have a home on the palette of Color/Sweat, the vibrant, feminine full-length released last Friday. Keep on the lookout for plenty of local shows from Calliope Musicals, embrace the summer humidity, and unleash some pigment in your pores with Color/Sweat‘s title track!

Jack Anderson


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