Capyac: “Fade Out” (ft. RuDi Devino)

Capyac have made a name for themselves on the dancefloor of the Austin music scene, blending tempos and sounds ranging from deep house to jazz fusion and punctuating them with unforgettable live performances that showcase the duo’s uncanny ability to wear their sound with outfits that are simultaneously calculated and uninhibited.

These local, enigmatic favorites are back, this time with some help from long-time collaborator MC RuDi Devino  laying lines layered over samples that nod to Washed Out or the Avalanches before slipping into a sexy, jazzy groove that is uniquely Capyac. Drum pads, horns, and nature samples alike thrive in the lagoon of the duo’s latest addition to their sonic landscape.

Upcoming Capyac Shows
*Tonight* Thursday 9/7: Mohawk w/ Tennyson and CLASIXX
9/22: Utopia Fest
0/7: ACL Fest
1/10: Sound on Sound Fest

-Taylor Wallace// host, Thursdays 8P & Saturdays 11P; Producer, Eklektikos with John Aielli, SoundCheck Music News, and Song of the Day

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