Christian Bland & The Revelators: “I See You”

Photo by Courtney Chavanell

The Book of Revelation is truly frightening, detailing the apocalypse with imagery that’s pretty much psychedelic: hail, fire, and blood rain down; the star Wormwood falls to earth and poisons the water; locusts with human faces and lions’ teeth devour everything in their path. Musicians have been mining this drama for years, from Skip James to Depeche Mode.

Christian Bland & The Revelators follow suit, in name as well as sound. Bland–known for his dirge-like guitar work in the Black Angels–indulges his evil side with the Revelators. Last year in our Studio 1A, the band showed off “I See You,” a psychedelic jam that sounds, well, Biblical in its power. Download the song below, and catch Christian Bland & the Revelators tonight at Hotel Vegas. Show starts at 9 p.m.

–Art Levy

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