Christy Hays: “You Don’t Have to Wait”

Austin-based singer and songwriter Christy Hays brings a world of experience to her work. And by “world,” I literally mean the WORLD. She’s been all over this little blue ball, Asia to Latin America, and Alaska to Nashville and beyond.

Before globe-trekking, Hays grew up in the small town of Tuscola in eastern Illinois. After wrapping up her university studies, Hays did a Jack London and headed for Alaska. She worked as a river guide and other odd jobs, and found time to make her way around the world. Whilst living in Alaska, she had an epiphany, and decided that music was going to be her life. She picked up, and moved to Nashville where the living was hard, very different from the wide-open spaces she’d become accustomed to, but she got a crash-course in the music biz. With newfound knowledge onboard, Hays once again took to the road, and headed for Austin in 2009.

Last fall, Hays released her full-length debut Drought. Listening to the record, you get the feeling that she was made for Texas. Songs like “You Don’t Have to Wait” are as lovely, and starkly beautiful as the Hill Country. She’s travelled a long ways to get here, and we’re most definitely glad to have her.

You can catch Christy Hays live tonight at Holy Mountain along with The Couch and Western Youth.

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