Common Holly: “Nothing”

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If folk noir is a genre, Montreal’s Common Holly — real name Brigitte Naggar — has got it wrapped around her capo. Making use of the white space between layers and breaths, Naggar’s album Playing House is the product of introspection and experience, a meditation on taking what life gives you in stride and using the experience to better arm yourself for the future. “Nothing” specifically takes on the emotional fallout of romantic love and having to make the mature, though difficult, decision to leave someone be in order for them to heal, even if it kills you. Her writing is that of a young sage, coming from a personal and contemplative place that is unparalleled wisdom without pontification. The song’s theme and sonic landscape are reminiscent of Margaret Glaspy’s Emotions and Math EP — dark, emotional, and complicated– but Naggar’s softer perspective allows her to maintain a sound and voice all her own, highlighted by her minimalist use of her guitar and full use of her voice, harmonizing with herself in a way that at the same time feels haunting and beautiful. Her music might make you a bit sad and pluck at some of those heartstrings you worked so hard to silence, but one thing you won’t feel is alone.

Common Holly SXSW Dates
3/14 || Sports Day Records
3/15 || After the Gold Rush VI
3/15 || Brooklyn Vegan
3/16 || Music For Listeners
3/16 || Pop Montreal
3/17 || Biker Gang Booking

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