Cross Record: “High Rise” (Live In Studio 1A)

Photo by Madeline Harvey

On their recent My KUTX episode, Cross Record’s Emily Cross and Dan Duszynski picked an hour of music that sustains an otherworldly mood. A lot of their picks–Townes Van Zandt, Donovan, Tinariwen–are folk artists, but they come at the genre from slightly askew directions.

That’s the same feeling I get when I hear Cross Record’s own music. Our Artist of the Month made their new album Wabi-Sabi at their home studio in Dripping Springs, and the relaxed environment seeps into their songs. The band stretches out with experimental production techniques, but at their core, these songs are folk-inspired. Live in our Studio 1A, Cross and Duszynski stripped down the Pixies-esque rock of “High Rise” into an atmospheric ballad. Download the song below and see more of Cross Record’s Artist of the Month features here.

–Art Levy

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