Remember that expression “in the house” that was used to show enthusiasm about someone or something’s presence in close proximity? Yeah, you don’t really hear that one much anymore in the 2020s… But if you do want something that’s retro without sounding too dated, deCasa is sheer delight.

Since 2019, deCasa’s Ricky Santiago-Cruz has incorporated his Puerto Rican upbringing into this Austin solo project with effusive flavors of funk, soul, hip-hop, and reggae for a breezy, inner-city-meets-remote-island vibe. On top of that, this Caribbean Cowboy’s the head honcho of his very own label, the emerging Rock Bottom Cartel. And with the added experience of playing alongside KUTX favorites Mobley and The Bright Light Social Hour, Santiago-Cruz has mastered the art of moving the crowd as deCasa.

Speaking of which, ahead of an open invite free house party on Saturday, July 20th (DM Ricky on Instagram for all the deets), last week deCasa rolled out a soulful, synth-y piece of daytime disco. So if you wanna start shit on the dance floor without breaking too much of a sweat, “INSTIGATOR” is short, sweet, and begging for rhythmic feet with a relaxed uptempo energy that doesn’t sacrifice the accessibility of its slick, Jamiroquai-esque grooves.



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