El Bigtoe y El Guámbito: “Sabroso y Espooky”

You’ve heard plenty of output from Beto Martinez this past month courtesy of Money Chicha, but today, in the spirit of Halloween, he’s donned a sonic costume of sorts with his alternate persona “El Bigtoe”. El Bigtoe teamed up with longtime collaborator Victor Andres-Cruz (AKA “El Guámbito) back in 2019 for regular exercises in songwriting and production, an endeavor that gave birth to El Bigtoe y El Guámbito‘s eclectic analog-meets-electronic, synth-meets-sampler style.

El Bigtoe y El Guámbito’s debut EP El Encuentro is due out early next year, but its lead single just showed up to the Halloween party in full seasonal regalia. True to its title, “Sabroso y Espooky” guides you on a tastefully creepy cumbia-psych instrumental experience, whose final ghoulish cackle make this track a must for your Haunted House playlist.

Sabroso y Espooky

El Bigtoe y El Guámbito

El Bigtoe y El Guámbito: “Sabroso y Espooky”

Jack Anderson

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