Evan Charles: “Low Road Runnin'” [PREMIERE]

With our ever-expanding skyline, congested traffic, and high urban density, living within Austin’s city limits can almost trick us into forgetting we’re in Texas. But a short drive out can quickly remind us of our immediate rustic surroundings – hill country, deserts, forests, lakes, caves, and more. So even in big metropolitan hubs like ours, the vastness and variety of the Lone Star State unsurprisingly inspires an abundance of nature-loving folk, cosmic Americana, and southern rock acts.

A quick glance at Austin outfit Altamaesa’s discography – The Long Ride Home (2016) and Idol Frontier (2019) – instantly tips you off to that specific sense of Southern wanderlust and bucolic storytelling. And maybe it’s that same spirit of adventure, coupled with his induction into Project ATX6’s Season Six lineup, that’s led fronting guitarist-vocalist Evan Charles to temporarily excuse himself from his chair at Altamesa’s high table and explore new opportunities as a solo artist.

In this endeavor, Evan Charles emerges as a reinvigorated raconteur, eager to lean into the timeless power of natural narratives with his upcoming debut album Between Two Worlds. Featuring titles like “Ask the Dust”, “Heavy Rains Back Home”, and “Horizon Line”, Between Two Worlds brings twelve trail tunes, countryside ballads, idyllic interludes, and miscellaneous ruminations into Mr. Pink Records’ Bastrop recording studio, with the full polished collection arriving later this summer. Evan Charles celebrates early with two local performances; a single release show 10PM this Friday at Hole in the Wall and again 8:30PM this Saturday at Continental Club for the Mr. Pink Showcase. If you can’t saddle up to either of those shows, open up the throttle with Evan on BTW‘s latest lead single, the briskly-whisked ranch-ready Americana yarn “Low Road Runnin'”. At just over three minutes, this fast-travelin’ track is a must-play for all types of settings: in your dust-rustlin’ truck, underneath those big and bright Texas stars, or just at home brewing your favorite morning roast.

Low Road Runnin’

Evan Charles

Evan Charles: “Low Road Runnin'”

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