Featherface: “Ourselves Together”

Houston’s Featherface crafts big, psychedelic-inclined songs, but underneath the layers are hooks that come straight out of the power-pop playbook. The core members met in middle school and started playing classic rock covers and Tenacious D-inspired originals. All those years together resulted in Featherface’s 2010 debut EP, followed by two full-lengths self-recorded and released by the band. The group has grown steadily from its bedroom roots: they played Houston’s Free Press Summer Press, and Converse picked Featherface out of thousands of bands to record a song as part of its “Rubber Tracks” studio series. The result is “Ourselves Together,” a mini-epic that’s orchestral in its construction. The professional studio sound–captured at Austin’s Big Orange–gives a big boost to Featherface. This band aims for the rafters every time, and on “Ourselves Together,” they succeed wildly.

You can catch Featherface tonight (March 26) at Red 7.

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