FlecHaus: “Betelgeuse”

Singer Megan Flechaus kicked off her songwriting career at age fifteen and released her solo LP New back in 2014…but that was just the beginning. See, Megan moved to Austin shortly after gaining recognition based on the vigor of New and quickly formed her eponymous five-piece FlecHaus with a roster of musicians coming from diverse backgrounds.

Since then FlecHaus has accrued an admirable following and a few awards under their belt, thanks to the quintet’s smattering of indie, folk, soul, R&B, country, jazz, blues, and even a little bit of classical, all woven together with complex and infectious arrangements. Just last Friday FlecHaus shared a new single, one that ponders over the existential implications behind the star Betelgeuse and its potential supernova, and frankly…it’s out of this world.



Jack Anderson

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