Gap Dream: “Shine Your Love”

Today we’re happy to welcome Gap Dream to the very exclusive, two-time, song of the day club. We featured Gap Dream (the nom de rock for bedroom psych-pop artist Gabe Fulvimar) last October with the song “Generator.” Now he’s back with some new tunes with the same sweet, retro charm.

Fulvimar used to make his home in Cleveland, Ohio, deeply embedded in the city’s music scene. He spent some time in New York, but it didn’t take, and he headed back to the city by the Cuyahoga. But the year since we last checked in on Fulvimar’s been a pretty big one. He left Cleveland (and his gig bussing tables between tours), and headed to Fullerton, California where the fellas at Burger Records set up a space for him to live and create. “It’s definitely a dream come true,” said Fulvimar in a July interview with L.A. Record. “The beautiful thing about making this record is that I could wake up in the morning and start working and didn’t have to stop working until I went to bed.” The “record” he’s talking about is his upcoming full-length Shine Your Light, which comes out November 12 through Burger.

But it hasn’t been all quiet on the record front for Gap Dream. Fulvimar’s released a slew of singles including “Fantastic Sam,” the aptly titled “Chill Spot,” and today’s song of the day “Shine Your Love,” the A-side to Gap Dream’s latest 7″ (out this week through Fat Possum Records). The song seems lost in time. Greeting you right at the start is big fanfare brought to you by some far-out, retro, analog synth horns that’s be perfectly at home on an obscure, early 70s prog LP with plenty of black light-friendly album art from a band with a name like Galaktikus (If there actually is a prog band with the name Galaktikus, I’d really love to hear it). After that regal entrance, Fulvimar slips into a sweet, laid-back and bassy melody straight from Carnaby Street circa 1968. Despite the retro sounds and vibe, “Shine Your Love” feels more timeless than old-fashioned.

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