Gilded Lows: “Something Blue”

Spencer Carter is fresh on the LA scene, having cut his teeth around the Austin circuit as a songwriter in the punk-swing band Dead Swagger. Now he’s nurturing a different sound in Gilded Lows, your answer to Doo-wop meets goth, kissed by classic country. In a fate of happy happenstance, Carter moved to Los Angeles “separately and spontaneously” in the same week as former Ruby and the Reckless bassist, Austinite and longtime friend Austin Simmons, joining forces to finish Carter’s debut solo brainchild, with Simmons’s production and recording skills painting shades of brightness over Carter’s dark, mesmerizing canvas.

Carter marries his influences of Roy Orbison and Ian Curtis in his baritone croon, creating a sound that is uniquely soft and dark. Balanced with an upbeat, yet understated drum beat and radiant guitar swells create a translucent body of music, washing over you and embracing your soul while Carter’s croons a story of a fictional widow’s introspective inner monologue.

“Something Blue” is available now via the Gilded Low’s Bandcamp, and hits all streaming services worldwide today.

-Taylor Wallace// host, Thursdays 8P & Saturdays 2P; Producer, Eklektikos with John Aielli, SoundCheck Music News, and Song of the Day

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