Glass Mansions: “Nearsighted” [PREMIERE]

Mia Naome Al-Taher

As temps heat up across Texas, a sun-soaked lethargy is sure to overshadow any idealized productivity. And it seems like a lot of acts have recently been seizing the day by releasing their roadmaps for the rest of the year. So let’s go ahead and add a danceable data point to our early album detection system.

It’s an open house from Austin alt-pop duo Glass Mansions, whose banging electronic beats and ardent vocals (courtesy of frontwoman Jayna Doyle) provide a clean contrast to the pair’s smoky, high octane live performances. The pair’s transparent passion balances out beautifully with their opaque take on opulent electro-pop, and visually, their synesthetic aesthetic is a glistening finish.

But back to planning things out in advance…we’ve gotta give credit to Glass Mansions for their forethought in releasing a transitory piece that bridges the gap between last year’s “Standing O” and their upcoming 2023 EP. A gorgeous cacophony of color haunted by Doyle’s tortured, ghostly apparition, the music video for “Nearsighted” is definitely the best way to absorb Glass Mansions’ latest gift. Strictly on the sonic front, the industrially processed sub bass, reverb-drowned snaps, and sinister synth arpeggiator provide the perfect bed for Doyle to belt the hell out vocally.


Glass Mansions

Glass Mansions: “Nearsighted”

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