Hannah Gill: “Lose”

Among the many reasons to be impressed by the supremely talented Hannah Gill is her age vs. the indisputable maturity of her songwriting and vocal style. At just 20-years-old, she has a precocious understanding for the smooth, velvety sounds of songstresses from eras before, and her ability to deliver on the same caliber as many of her predecessors is uncanny. Harnessing a sound that would make Amy Winehouse and Etta James swoon, her sound carefully plucks from the bushes of blues, soul, and 70s pop and arranges them into a bouquet of sultry, buttery sounds that flow like warm molasses embracing your soul. “Lose” encompasses all of these elements, fitting them to a slow, smooth 3/4 time template that sits somewhere between doo-wop sounds of the 50s and soul vibes of the 70s. To say it’s simply lovely would be an understatement; more accurately, it’s absolutely intoxicating.

“Lose” appears on the Lost in Words EP, out now via Footnote.

-Taylor Wallace// host, Thursdays 8-11P & Saturdays 2-6P; Producer, Eklektikos with John Aielli

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