Hanni El Khatib: “Paralyzed”

Hanni El Khatib has spent the last half-decade building a discography based on loud guitars laced with fuzz. After stepping down as Creative Director for skatebrand company HUF (known for making those socks your teenage, stoner brother hides from you mom), Khatib took a leap of faith and set out to forge a career as a multi-instrumentalist blending blues, folk, and garage rock into his own flavor. His music has since wound up on video games, TV shows, feature films, and a myriad of commercials. His current venture is his Savage Times series, releasing triplets of songs at a time recorded in whatever style and with whatever instrumentation felt right in the moment.

With each full-length album, Hanni El Khatib has increasingly polished his sound without ever trying to tame it. “Paralyzed” is a complete sonic departure from his first three full-length albums, transporting his sound from resolutely rock to perky pop in a single guitar riff, while the energy remains high and unyielding. Disco beats and maracas abound, “Paralyzed” is a more of a paradox. Put on your dancing shoes and give yourself plenty of room to boogie.

“Paralyzed” appears on Savage Times, out February 17.

-Taylor Wallace

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