Har Mar Superstar: “Don’t You Go Forgetting About Me Now”

You’ve heard the on-air promos. You’ve seen the impressive, but admittedly quasi-sacrilegious artwork. So what’s stopping you from subscribing to KUTX’s new podcast Song Confessional?

Having just launched in late 2019 and hosted by Walker Lukens and Zac Catanzaro, Song Confessional brings you an anonymous story, a previously unheard original tune inspired by the anecdote, and an interview with the songwriter themself all in one neat, easily digestible MP3. There’s a new episode every two weeks, so check the latest one today from Har Mar Superstar for a discussion on strippers and hook ups just in time for Valentine’s Day weekend, “Don’t You Go Forgetting About Me Now”!

Don’t You Go Forgetting About Me Now

Har Mar Superstar

Jack Anderson

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