Harmony Byrne: “Loving You Is Lonely”

New month, new music! To ease you into this weekend, let’s talk a bit about Harmony Byrne. This Aussie singer was one of seven children growing up in a Mormon household when she first latched onto church hymns and eventually rock n roll. Now in her mid-20s, Byrne combines the best of both worlds with her gospel-tinged vocal-driven alternative rock.

Jim Eno of Spoon entered the picture recently when he took on the role of producer for Byrne’s upcoming debut album Heavy Doors, due later this year. Harmony Byrne will be in town for SXSW and today she shares a teaser from Heavy Doors, “Loving You is Lonely”!

Jack Anderson

Harmony’s SXSW Dates:
Monday, March 11th 6PM l SXSW Second Play Stage @ JW Marriott
Tuesday, March 12th 5PM l Sound Dessert @ Sellers
Friday, March 15th 1:55PM l Australia House
Saturday, March 16th 6PM l Stephen F’s Bar

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