Hereticks: “Promised Land”

Photo by CHRISP Studios

A heretic is someone that goes their own way, against accepted doctrine or dogma. Hereticks is a tight five-piece from Austin that knows a thing or two about pop music, but isn’t afraid to do their own thang.

The band got its start back in 2011. Three of the four founding members (guitarist Ofer Shouval, bassist Wesley Maffly-Kipp, guitarist William Johnson, and drummer Peter Farago) were living at the Pearl Street Co-op over in West Campus. Keyboardist Waldo Wittenmyer (leader of the very cool Austin band Waldo & The Naturals). They released their debut full-length Engine in July 2013, and a phenomenal self-titled EP back in October.

The EP opens with the gentle “I Only Pretend,” a tune with shades of Yoshimi-era Flaming Lips or early-naughts Shins. But the four-song EP’s tentpole has gotta be “Promised Land.” It’s a track that lives in the sweet spot. The tempo is quick but not fast, just right for head-bobbing. The arrangements are grand but devoid of schmaltz. The playing is virtuosic without being flashy. This band plays very, very well together. When they latch onto the chorus, the way they go with the melody is unexpected but with an ELO-ish flair for zigging when the listener thinks they’re going to zag. Hereticks is a band to keep your eye on.

Hereticks play Free Week tonight at Holy Mountain with Speak, Hikes, Field Dress, and Brotherhood Electric.


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