J Mascis: “Every Morning”

While the early ’90s grunge movement was all about killing your idols, Dinosaur Jr. always seemed to combine the best of both worlds. Yes, their songs are noisy and punk-inspired, but they’re also incredibly tuneful and pop-driven. It’s arena rock for the dank rock club. Frontman J Mascis lives out his guitar hero fantasies on songs like “Start Choppin'” and “Feel The Pain,” making the playing styles of Tony Iommi and Neil Young fresh for a new generation. He’s included on many critics’ “best guitarists” lists, a sign of his wide-reaching influence despite Dinosaur Jr.’s limited mainstream success.

The group has taken a nice victory lap as of late, reuniting in 2005 and releasing three critically-acclaimed albums, all while a new crop of artists like Kurt Vile sings their praises. Mascis has also stepped away from the Marshall stacks for two solo acoustic albums, including this year’s Tied To A Star. For a guy who’s covered the Byrds and the Flying Burrito Brothers over the years, it shouldn’t be too surprising that he’s just as good unplugged. Mascis stopped by Studio 1A while in town for Fun Fun Fun Fest, and today’s song of the day comes from his live session. Download “Every Morning” below.

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