Jane Weaver: “I Need A Connection”

Photo by Rebecca Lupton

Over the next two weeks, the Song of the Day features SXSW 2016 artists.

Some records hit immediately, but others take their time to find an audience. Jane Weaver’s The Silver Globe is a case of the latter. The British artist first started working on the album in 2010; released it in 2014; re-released it last year with another disc of new songs after some late-arriving critical acclaim; and now she’s making her SXSW debut next week. This trajectory oddly mirrors her own songs, which start off small before slowly burning into space-rock epics.

When The Silver Globe originally came out, Weaver told The Quietus that some of her inspiration came from her frustrations with the music industry over her two-decade career. Fittingly, she created her own sonic universe to live in on The Silver Globe (the title even comes from an old Polish sci-fi film that was banned by the Communist government). At times, the album reminds me of Broadcast, one of my personal favorites and another band that existed largely on its own idiosyncratic terms. The added disc on the re-release includes “I Need A Connection,” a song that spells out Weaver’s particular gift in its title: for every cosmic-sized moment, Weaver’s warm songwriting keeps you grounded. Listen to the song below.

–Art Levy

Jane Weaver at SXSW 2016:

Wednesday, Mar 16: Latitude 30, 3:50 p.m. (British Music Embassy show, RSVP here)

Wednesday, Mar 16: St. David’s Historic Sanctuary, 11 p.m. (official SXSW showcase)

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