Janne Schra: “Carry On”

Take a look at another country’s music charts and you’ll notice it’s often a reflection of English-speaking pop culture. But there are also distortions in the mirror, domestic artists who go toe-to-toe with American imports and hardly get exported. Janne Schra is one of those, a platinum-selling artist in her native Netherlands who hasn’t made much of a ripple in the States. But a chance meeting at SXSW put her on our radar, and here’s a song to put her on yours. It doesn’t take any translation to understand the appeal of “Carry On,” a stomping, disco-adjacent jam that first popped up on her 2015 album Ponzo. It sounds like a star-making song, but Schra is approachable, skewering the musical dog-and-pony show in the accompanying video. Watch and download the song below.

–Art Levy

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