Jesse Beaman: “Immerse”

If you’re the type of listener who thinks talking, singing, and traditional song structures are all just a bunch of noise, you’re probably a fan of ambient music. Enter Austin multi-instrumentalist/composer Jesse Beaman, who’s recorded and toured the globe thoroughly under the handle My Empty Phantom for the past decade. Beaman’s laid out a resplendent blend of experimental rock and minimalist ambient, a style that’s naturally earned him film scoring opportunities for the likes of National Geographic.

In the past few years alone Beaman’s co-founded the production company and record label MAX / MIN, along with Interpol’s Brandon Curtis, who produced and recorded Jesse Beaman’s new LP, Mira, at his Vermont studio. You’ll be able to experience the full vision of Mira on July 16th, but feel free to turn on, tune in, and drop out early with the aptly-titled “Immerse”.


Jesse Beaman

Jack Anderson

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