La Inedita: “Fayah” (Live In Studio 1A)

Originally from Lima, Peru, La Inedita has made a name for itself internationally with chichamuffin, a musical style that incorporates elements of chicha (the Peruvian variant of cumbia) and raggamuffin while also drawing influence from reggae, hip-hop, electronic, and rock. The quartet, fronted by vocalist Adrian Rocha, manages to cover intricate arrangements with minimal instrumentation, most apparent on their latest album, Chichamuffin.

Now, when you name your album after a genre–especially a genre you’ve invented–every song serves as a flagship for your sound, and “Fayah” is no exception. Whether stuck in traffic or riding off into the sunset, the reggae piano stabs, hard rock guitar tones, chicha-style percussion, and raggamuffin rapid fire lyrical delivery of “Fayah” will keep you wanting more chichamuffin ’til it’s time for bed.

“Fayah,” caught live in Studio 1A, also appears on Chichamuffin, available for free download via La Inedita’s official website.

Jack Anderson

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