Ladyfang: “Like New” [PREMIERE]

It’s not hard to infer the hometown for a group formerly known as “A Case For Brooklyn”, but with their new HQ in Austin, there’s no reason not to sink your teeth into Ladyfang. The four-piece claims “chaos pop-rock” as their genre, whipping up a heavy maelstrom of funk, folk, indie, alternative and above all – high octane rock. Ladyfang’s got no trouble biting through any predictable genre formula, and with Cara Juan’s uncouth lyrics and unabashed delivery on top, it’s a truly energizing, off-the-wall set of sounds.

Ladyfang’s also proven an undying determinism in light of major obstacles over the past several years, and’ve flossed out much of the playful pop that defined their early years in favor of dance-dotted rock. You’ll be able to hear a brand new LP from Ladyfang before their Summer 2020 East Coast Tour, beginning now with a track recorded and produced by SMiiLE’s Jake Miles – “Like New”!

Jack Anderson


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