Lampland: “Did You Ever Wanna Know Why?”

If there’s one thing Brooklyn songwriter Tommy Bazarian does best, it’s ambiance. Bazarian’s solo project Lampland was created at his 9-t0-5 as a radio producer, taking what he absorbed in the day time and working it into lyrics and music by nightfall. The arrangements on Lampland’s debut album No Mood use heavily-modified tones and various field recordings to create the sonic backdrop for Bazarian’s folksy, fragmented narratives. And true to its name, No Mood doesn’t fall under any one genre, instead illuminating a field of influences, most notably alt-country, acoustic folk, and shoegaze.

No Mood came out last Friday and to ignite the wick on these ten luminous songs, enjoy a free download of No Mood‘s penultimate track, “Did You Ever Wanna Know Why?”

Jack Anderson

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