Lando the Nomad: “Wild Card” (feat. Kelly Hafner)

Within the past couple years, multi-instrumentalist Landon Reichle wandered onto the Austin scene with his role in Resonant Frequency, but ever eager for more, Reichle’s repositioned himself in the producer’s chair as Lando the Nomad. Lando’s already showed plenty of promise onstage and in the early pages of this new chapter he’s begun to drift further across trip-hop, electro-funk, and soul while reinforcing a sense of structure and impressive engineering.

In sync with his newfound errant handle, Lando the Nomad’s set to release Wild Card next month, an adventure that couldn’t have been completed without the impeccable soul vocals of Studio 1A veteran Kelly Hafner, who’s featured across the full EP. Don’t let Lando meander too far from your list of potential new favorite artists, and dig into the R&B-funk title track that’s easily evocative of En Vogue or TLC, “Wild Card”!

Wild Card (feat. Kelly Hafner)

Lando the Nomad

-Jack Anderson

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