Light Wheel: “Found” [PREMIERE]

Evan Miller

The bond between singer Tyagaraja Welch and producer Evan Dunivan has only seemed to get stronger and stronger, having started off as strictly friends before becoming songwriting partners almost a decade back. With the addition of bassist Michael Sanders and drummer Ethan Yeager in more recent years, that Welch-Dunivan core has expanded into the boundary-challenging rock quartet, Light Wheel. Light Wheel’s first foray came in 2019 with the release of their debut full-length See Through, though the group’s maintained transparency that they’re best enjoyed live.

While we wait for the next batch of Light Wheel gigs to safely roll out, the quartet’s been quietly refining their indie rock sound. They’ll be further exploring the spectrum of psychedelia and prog on their sophomore album that recalls the same lush warmth of See Through. Today the first single from that sophomore record, “Found”, has finally seen its way to the surface; its haunting vocals, eerie acoustics, and intricate rhythms will hypnotize you with their heart and dynamics even after several re-listens.


Light Wheel

Light Wheel: “Found”

Jack Anderson

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