Lil Ripper: “Bubble Bubble”

Thanks to shifting social interests and categorical curiosity, we here at KUTX are now able to explore an entirely different product of musical appreciation. We’re talking about that vase-looking thing that sounds like a broken aquarium filter and tends to get used before throwing on Dark Side of the Moon or trekking out to ACL Fest. No, we don’t officially condone the use of tobacco or any other illicit substances but we also know our demographics.

With that enticing odor of musty water in mind, we introduce the first-ever Bong of the Day, Lil Ripper. Lil Ripper may be a petite up-and-comer but we’re expecting some big hits from it in the near future. Lil Ripper’s not available in retail but don’t think we’re just blowing smoke. Instead, find a Lil Ripper near and dear to you and let it bubble you up into a higher plane.

April Fools!

Bubble Bubble

Lil Ripper

Lil Ripper: “Bubble Bubble”

Jack Anderson

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