Living Grateful: “A Peer”

Photo by Madeline Harvey

The Strange Boys helped kick off Austin’s garage-rock revival in 2009 with the instant-classic And Girls Club. The album whipped up a frenzy by focusing on the, well, stranger sides of Dylan or the Stones, getting closer to the original bluesy spirit than a lot of like-minded peers around the country. Two more albums followed before the Boys called it a day, but frontman Ryan Sambol returns with two new albums via Austin’s Punctum Records. Now Ritual focuses on Sambol’s sparse, folk-influenced songs while Peace Mob was recorded a few years ago with a band called Living Grateful. The latter has a ramshackle sparkle, sounding like an off-the-cuff party. Just like he did with the Strange Boys, Sambol finds that sweet spot between country and rock-and-roll. Download “A Peer” below, and catch Sambol’s solo and full-band sets at Studium tonight.

–Art Levy

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