Luke and The Lonely: “The Age of Enlightenment”

Songwriter Luke Bellet first met drummer Nick Tozzo in Austin through The Odbodys, but when the band broke up in 2017, it proved to be the beginning of something new. With Bellet assuming the role of the eponymous frontman, he and Tozzo founded Luke and The Lonely based on a mutual love of indie rock, gospel, jazz, pop and country. And since the addition of singer Sara Louise and bassist Hudson Berger, Luke and The Lonely hasn’t had much trouble moving the crowd.

Cake, Father John Misty, and Billy Joel are all in the pot of influences for Luke and the Lonely, who shared their five-song debut EP, The Age of Enlightenment, at the tail end of June. Keep on the lookout for more from these pop-disciplined up-and-comers and appreciate some indie intellectualism with their EP’s title track!

Jack Anderson

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