Madi Meeks: “Cigarette Rain”

As the genre permeates through ever-changing trends, it becomes increasingly difficult to make yourself stand out in the world of pop music. But when you’re born and raised in the Live Music Capital and have been writing since your tweens, the diversity and maturity of folks like Madi Meeks shine through all the other corporate cookie cutter pop formulas. Last summer then-sixteen-year-old songwriter Madi Meeks put out her debut EP, For You, showcasing her deep and delicate, yet vigorous vocal style, eventually earning her a couple Austin Music Awards nominations.

Meeks’ passion has put her in the limelight once again, this time with an electronic-over-acoustic approach on her self-titled full-length, out today. Her gentle, moving pop goes live at the Madi Meeks release show 7PM tonight at Carousel Lounge, and you can take a quick break from the Friday work gauntlet with “Cigarette Rain”.

Jack Anderson

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