Man or Astro-Man?: “Defcon 5”

Like a lot of ’90s kids, I first discovered Man or Astro-Man? through the brilliance that is Space Ghost Coast To Coast. The band’s bizarro blend of trashy punk and surf rock perfectly suited the show. The late-night time slot made it feel like Space Ghost was beamed in from another dimension, and with the closing theme, MOA would send you on your merry, bleary-eyed way.

The group formed in Auburn, Alabama in the ’90s, taking inspiration from space age kitsch but with a Gen X twist. The members claim they’re aliens sent to Earth to play surf music, and given the insanity of their songs, there might be something to that. MOA went on hiatus in 2001 before returning two years ago with Defcon 5…4…3…2…1. The album picks up right where they left off with “Defcon 5,” a whirling instrumental built around cosmic surf licks. Download the song below and catch Man or Astro-Man? at the Parish on Saturday night. Doors at 9 p.m.

–Art Levy

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