Margo Scout: “Otters” [PREMIERE]

Ready for something brand new? We got you! Take our paw, lean back, crack a clam open on your belly, and float downstream with some fresh ATX talent.

Introducing Margo Scout. This the inaugural indie rock project of Austin singer-songwriter Rachel Pierron, who just graduated from UT. So sure, Pierron may still be young. But with Margo Scout’s basal offering, Rachel’s shown wisdom well beyond her years – not just in terms of songwriting expertise, but indeed deep understanding and authentic empathy.

So it’s with great pride that we premiere Pierron’s very first studio single, “Otters”. Taking inspiration from toxic relationships impaired by codependency, chemical addiction, and emotional instability, “Otters” aren’t so cute and cuddly in this all-too-human context. Liquid guitar riffs, distant shimmering keys, and babbling percussion patterns paddle perfectly alongside the drowning imagery of Pierron’s pained-yet-powerful vocals. And especially after the fragile piano-vocal duet outro of “Otters”, our hopes are about as high as they get for Margo Scout’s future musical prospects.


Margo Scout

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