Mark Hallman: “Bright Star”

Chris Archer

When you’ve spent decades making great records for other people, you’ve got all the tools to do it on your own, right? Yeah, although producers often get relegated to a “man behind the curtain” position for other artists’ critical success, at the end of the day they’re some of the strongest shapers of sound.

Take industry heavyweight producer-engineer-songwriter Mark Hallman, who’s been helping elevate albums for nearly half a century now. Mark’s best known for his work with Ani DiFranco, Eliza Gilkyson, and Carole King, the latter of which moved down here with him to Austin back in 1980. Since then Hallman’s been a standout in Austin’s already rich production roster, but with the exception of 2016’s “The Voyage“, he’s kept his own solo compositions largely cooped up.

At least he did until this past May, when Mark Hallman released his debut full-length Light Trick, seven tracks that capture Mark’s amalgamation of musical talents. The material may be recent, but the sound is exactly what you’d expect from Hallman’s late ’70s upbringing, folk rock formulas and all. So set some time aside to let Light Trick take you on an eclectic trek, starting with the LP opener “Bright Star”. Don’t stop shinin’ anytime soon, Mark.

Bright Star

Mark Hallman

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