Mikal Cronin: “Shelter”

With three self-titled full-lengths and a steady following outside Ty Segall’s Freedom Band, Mikal Cronin‘s become a household name in power pop rock. But after a stretch of writer’s block and heartbreak, Cronin took a SoCal sabbatical with a retreat to the wooded mountains of Idyllwild, where his time (and home) was ultimately cut short by a series of fires.

This incendiary imagery of rebirth has since come front and center on Cronin’s upcoming LP, Seeker, a record whose production techniques are inspired by The White Album and Brian Eno. Seeker is out October 25th, the same day Cronin kicks off his international tour in LA. Cronin will be making a stop at the Barracuda on Wednesday, November 27th and he just shared another fuzzy single from Seeker, one that seriously hunkers down on the effects pedals: “Shelter”!

Jack Anderson

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