My Jerusalem: “Born In The Belly”

This week the Song of the Day takes a look at the artists playing KUTX’s stage at the X Games.

When My Jerusalem debuted in 2010 with their album Gone For Good, the Austin outfit was less a band and more a collection of stellar musicians. Frontman Jeff Klein recruited friends from the Polyphonic Spree and the Twilight Singers to flesh out his songs, but after years of constant touring, they’ve turned into a well-oiled unit.

My Jerusalem’s sophomore release, 2012’s Preachers, was born on the road, and it sounds like it. Taking elements of gospel, country, and folk, the band understands that playing these influences straight isn’t as interesting. Instead, they whip them together into a frenzy, and after a few hundred live renditions, My Jerusalem creates something more original–something like a punk rock take on Southern Gothic. The band’s contained fury is awesome to behold, especially in the close confines of our Studio 1A. “Born In The Belly” might have been the loudest song we’ve ever recorded in 1A–the walls are still shaking.

Catch My Jerusalem at the X Games on Sunday, June 8 at 5:15 pm.

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